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March 20, 2007



PISH POSH! (Don't I sound like I'm about 80 when I say that?)
Anyway, whinge away. Everyone needs a chance to let flow all the crap they're dealing with - if it doesn't seem so bad on "paper", then you can feel better. If it DOES sound so bad, we can commiserate and send you chocolate. If it worries Mom and Michelle and the Aunts, post a little line at the top that says "Warning: whinging ahead" or something like that, so they'll know you're just kvetching and life goes on.


Hey, when you whine I don't WORRY, I just FEEL for you, and wish I could help with your load! So whine away when you need to -- just don't wallow. Because then, if you are anything like me, the sun doesn't rise again for a long, long time and EVERYthing in life gets very, very dark.

And let's not talk about our attachment to the internet. If my husband had any idea how much I NEED my internet friends, he'd be very worried -- and probably jealous! No need to go there....

Happy Spring! Did you get any good leads on wool/mohair processors?


Everybody deserves a pity party now and then. Whine/whinge away. Makes ME feel better some days --- and at least I know you are human, just like the rest of us. We all deserve a shoulder to whinge on!! Go for it. As for internet connections, I'm so tied to it I got a broadband card for my laptop as a backup. Went through one week when our cable was cut by a construction crew. Have you seen that add where the guy finds the gnome in someone's sneaking a connection via someone's open WiFi? That was me that week --- very embarrassing.

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