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    An ex-suburbanite who moved to the wilds of the Sonoran Desert and decided to raise fiber animals, fowl creatures, 3 halflings, and one pint-sized farmer without a clue as to how. Join Lauren as she learns how to file alpaca teeth, shear a horny goat, raise 3 teenagers and 1 grandchild while cooking dinner and doing the laundry with her other six arms.

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March 01, 2007


Beth in WI

You mean I blogrolled you and 300 posters didn't swarm your way? Oh, that's right, on a high day I get two comments. (Don't people understand that we share our lives because we crave interaction?)

Speaking of which, could you give each of your ruminants a hug from me today? As I was shoveling the driveway the other day I realized that if I had my little fiber farm I would have to do this every morning before feeding the critters...AND take care of the kids AND get everyone to school AND have a lot more stuff to clean and cook and fix....AND then, I started thinking, I may never have that farm after all, maybe it's just too late and I'm too old and tired. Maybe I will just sit on the couch and eat chocolate.

It seems like such a big big step from here to there, right now. Those alpacas seem to be vanishing in the mist.


Give yourself a SLAP! woman! I could only wish for a life like yours. If it is in you to write that book, well you will! You have very important responsibilities right now and a lot of love and life surrounding you. Don't belittle what you have by wishing for what you don't have.
Love you!

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