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April 30, 2007


Beth in WI

It's surely happy hour in New Zealand now. (raises glass/mug/stein/flute) Slainte! To sheep!


And we love you right back! You are definitely a part of my daily fix of reading, validation, and humor. (Among other things)

We, too, must someday meet, as (by my count) I owe you at least one beer in sheer admiration (for the ewe-terus thing) and one for your writing and sense of humor. When we surpass a six-pack, then we must plan in earnest, as I believe that stuff is not accepted in the post.


Beth HAD to mention New Zealand, where I would rather be right now! :) I just got a package from my daughter but I can't open it until Mother's Day! Oh, Pook! :) Now I want to be walking the beach at Piha, or up in the Bay of's late Fall there and the kids live in a beautiful seciton of Auckalnd.
Thanks for the "mushy" kudos and good thoughts. Farming, like anything else Kid (and I AM older so I CAN call you 'Kid"), takes practice - if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. You're learning! ;-)


I, too, have been surprised and blessed by the circle of cyber-friends I have made. Contact with you all keeps me going, knowing that I am understood and cared about. This is REAL friendship! Love you, too!


If you hadn't mentioned giant schnauzers, I may never have found your blog. But I am so glad you did! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and sharing your life. I have found and met so many wonderful people through the internet and so many of them through giant schnauzers. But I also met my husband on the internet, and that is the best of all!!


Hey, it's happy hour somewhere! Blogging rocks. I love that I correspond not only with you, but folks in Ireland, NZ (my new sock pal is in NZ), Canada, and all over the states. The internet ROCKS. I'm in Julie's camp too - I met my DH on the internet and imported him to Arizona!


Have been swamped with work (a blessing) so behind in my reading. But I do want to wish you sweet blessings on your first anniversary. I found this through Julie -- Julie and I became good friends through Giant Rescue and we HAVE met! It's wonderful the friends we make via the cyber domain and they are generally wonderful people with whom we truly share similar interests. It's amazing how wonderful it is when we are brought together by our interests and not our money, looks, or other agendas! You go grrrl. I missed reading your Blog when I didn't have time. That tells me it's really a good one because I too am a write at heart and I have blown off a lot of blogs and websites in my lifetime after only a few days!! Giant hugs to you.


I enjoyed reading your blog.
Love the picture of Pint on the saddle-- that is too precious!

Jessica with Giant Schnauzer Atlas in Illinois

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