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April 09, 2007




They are gorgeous! Could you really "feel" where the little lamby parts were when you were in there? I am intrigued to hear more about your adventures...David the Husband must be really impressed.

Someday I am going to buy you a very cold beer. ( I wish to do that for all my heros...)

Lynne Robinson

awww. very cute twins! Good girl Charlotte! EWE go girl. Lauren; great job! What time yesterday did all this finally happen?
Here's something for Leroy Brown. Sorry, Charotte, I know you did 95% of the work here, but it's Lauren's fault this song keeps running through my head. Yep, Jim Croce; again.

Proud, proud, Leroy Brown
Proudest ram in the whole damn town
Proud as he can be
cuz he's now a dad-ad-y



Looks like Darby could possibly be Ag, too. Sure has wonderful crimp all over his handsome bod! So, are you changing your blog name to ""?


Oh LAWD they are the cutest things. I want to snorgle them.


What cuties! I'm so glad to hear that all of them and all of you are doing OK. And I'll bet Char is quite relieved now that she doesn't have to waddle everywhere and can have the space again to breathe, eat, and pee. :) well done!

Scott Dinslage

Good job on the birthing/pulling and getting all slimey. They are adorable.


I'm in love with Darby --- really in love with Darby. Such a cute little guy and SOOOO cocoa colored --- yes, he could be named after the Brown Derby!

As for Fiona, well I think it must be something with the name. Fiona, my S&P Giant Schnauzer (a bit more so than your Fiona), has springs in her legs. Her groomer calls her "Air Fiona." She's now nearly 5 years old and she still bounds around like a maniac. She stands on her hind legs and hugs me. And she hugs my legs at night on the bed so I can't get away. It's kinda like the old kick-boxing kangaroo pictures we used to see all the time. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. So I think you will have your hands full with Fiona. I didn't name her --- the breeder did. But I do love the name. So glad things went well. I'm surprised Fiona did push Darby out the door!!

You do anything you want today, y'hear? And give Darby a kiss for me. I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love . . . .


So glad I found you via Pioneer Woman. Your Charlotte (prominent name in our family) did good with the births of Darby and Fiona! I wish I could reach out and cuddle them - and do whatever else would give you a much-deserved break!

I am a big-city-sometimes-farm-girl-wanna-be. Since I just found your site, I will be reading up on what I'm missing. So far, I love your posts and photos. Please keep them coming to educate those of us who are walled in by concrete!


OMG!!! I'm in love! Don't these babies make all the hard work seem worthwhile? I'm so jealous of you!

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