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June 25, 2007



Good grief --- I sincerely hope Jakers arrived that way and didn't become that way due to the Negative Ion Machine!! Now there is TRULY a bad case of static electricity --- or maybe it's a just a really bad hair day . . . I think you should let him in (or out) more often!!


Just because you called them "deliberately posed objects" did you think we wouldn't know that these were the items used when you "went round the bend" and tried to run away?

I can see you may have got the idea to ride the ruminant instead of walking from the magazine and you were smart enough to use the hat to avoid the horrible noon sun and you even brought nourishment and entertainment and/or weather warning system by way of the pinwheel........but I bet you were only 4-5 blocks away when you realized that the pint would be lost when he woke up and couldn't find you....not to mention all the bloggers that would be lined up to comfort the hunka hunka husband!

Mold, Heat, Lost Turkey(s), Heat, Emptying nest, Heat, Loss of sanity, Heat.....I don't think those things would allow you to not be there for the pint and everyone else.

But it is are back now....the mold is gone......and we are here for you!


Oh yeah......the letter "B" got me there. I think you just added that to throw us off the track to the fact that you only made it a couple of blocks! B - Blocks!!! Get it!! LOL at least I crack myself up!

See ya!


I just wanted to say that I found your blog through a link on Strickerin's, and given the title I had to check it out. We're pretending to farm, too, but it's not so hot in Vermont and the snakes are smaller. :-)

Great pictures.


Hey...That 3rd Teresa Comment, wasn't me I am in Oregon

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