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June 28, 2007



Take the turkey, don't tell them. Unless he's loud enough that people in the next rooms will hear him.
Make him a little bag that you can carry him around in, so it frees up your hands. :-)


Paris Hilton purse is definitely a go. OR maybe even like a little pouch necklace. And don't forget there's always cleevage!

It depressed me when Paris Hilton got out of jail, first, because she got out of jail, and second, because about 5 different news channels were covering it at the same time!!! AAAAHHH!!!



Zorro is wonderful. I think you need a fancy purse to carry him in like people carry their wittle dogs in.

Beth's son Tom is in my thoughts and prayers.


Tell David-the-hunky-husband to let us know if you need an intervention.... :-)


I can see it all now . . . . folks in the room next to you getting dressed the next morning..."Honey, I had the strangest dream last night . . . there was a turkey walking around on the balcony next door ---- I swear -- it was a turkey ---- it walked like a turkey, talked like a turkey . . . " "Are you NUTS? Turkeys live on turkey farms . . . not in hotels."

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