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August 12, 2007


Nancy K.

So is it a chicken or a Turkey????

It's a good thing you're coming to the Bluff Country for a 'mini-vacation''ll NEED it! I better make up some Brandy Slush....


Awwwww. Mr. Pi and I made a wrong turn today on the way out to lunch, and ended up on a suburban cul-de-sac. Had to wait to turn around because their were FIVE turkeys moseying across the road. What? My neighbors have illegal turkeys (city limits and all that)?

What's one more turkey in the living room, seducing your stuffed animals?

Bet that's P-Dub's blackberry cobbler you're making, too. Upload me a piece, will ya?


Are these little critters for sale?? Have been giving serious thought to chicks after seeing you and your lovely fowl critters. ;-))

Lauren Dillon

Yes, they are chickens and yes'm come and get them. We could use some fowl relief. LOVE.


AWWWW, how cute. Not to be dense, but...if I understand you right, this is a chicken and the turkey stole the egg, right? So (me not being a fowl sort of girl) will the turkey raise it now or will she reject it? Also, how did she steal the eggs? Can they carry them or are they in the same nesting area as the chickens? How interesting. My asthma has never allowed me to have any kind of birds, but I would so love some turkeys and ginneas (that is spelled wrong, I know)

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