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August 07, 2007



Hmm, maybe Marshall was the instigator! Too funny. Although when I was working my way down the page, the photos and your description of Zorro's initial interest in the obviously-dead-or-comatose-creature brought to mind only one strong match -- turkey VULTURE! (Now I finally know WHY they are called turkey vultures. Having never had turkeys, I didn't know how strongly they resembled each other, at least at this age!)


Now I know why I enjoy reading this blog so much --- never a dull (or private) moment at THIS place. I really was missing something when I didn't read it for a few days.

BTW, Michelle, we had turkey vultures at the bottom of our subdivision when I was living in California ---- they'd be in the middle of the road along the canyon when I'd come home from work in the afternoon. Ugliest thing I every saw --- but very peaceful in their own way. SD Wild Animal Park used to have on in its bird show. Very entertaining --- with a face only a mother could love!


Oh dear. A kinky turkey. :blush: Nope. Life isn't dull around your place.


OMG! I LOVE your home! Will you adopt me into your family?

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