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August 27, 2007



Okay, the logistics at your place just make my head hurt.


And I thought I had problems with 3 cats. Love the new masthead and the new babies. If ducks could be litter-trained, I'd have a couple myself!


Lauren - you are SO my kindred farming spirit. I love hatching eggs. And I admire your "green-thinking" in which you made sure the incubator was not running for JUST three turkey eggs...Posh! what a waste of electricity.

(And it's all I can do to watch and not help...I admit.)

I want ducks. Unfortunately I have fallen in love with Ancona ducks, which are like Holstein cows with flippers...and rare as hens teeth...(sigh)


Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better. I could tell by how you are talking about all your kids again. Keep getting stronger!


Glad you are feeling better!!! My grandkids and I spent a fun time this afternoon going through your Flickr pictures. They loved them! Thank you for the fun!

Nancy K.

The ducklings are adorable and I am SO glad that you've turned the corner on your recovery from your "dumb disease"! Keep getting stronger.


Lauren --- Love the new masthead --- haven't been following for a few days, so had to catch up. Now I have to ask --- having seen your place --- just where IS the new cage residing?

These babies are darling and it must be the season as Pat, my bird lady friend, suddenly has a ton of new baby birds she is hand feeding. Glad you are feeling better --- obviously Magic has worked his magic on you. Bless you and all the babies --- fowl and otherwise!

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