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November 05, 2007



Be sure and give Albert some extra papaya tonight. How funny !!!


That's hysterical. I've never heard of a rabbit that liked showers. What have you been feeling Albert? Bunny catnip?


Bunny Albert looks to have just as much wild hair as Scientist Albert; are you sure the former doesn't have something parasitic and contagious hiding in his? Something that can swim on over from his hide to yours? (hee hee!)


A rabbit who naps with a bloodhound and doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain....strange indeed. You sure do have some originals there.

Nancy K.

OMG! You really ARE crazier than me! I would never take a shower with a rabbit. I even shut Bella out of the bathroom, when I take my shower, because she insists on licking off my body lotion as fast as I can apply it....


This made my day! Love it! That is not normal rabbit behavior- they usually hate water!

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