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December 05, 2007


Beth in WI

Oh honey. Hugs are not enough. I am so so sorry for your losses. There have been so many this year.

Love hurts.


Oh Lauren, my heart goes out to you, too. As raw as the wound still is from losing Rosie, I can't imagine going through that pain over and over again as you have this year. You must be a stronger woman than I to be able to continue to function on any level! But I would encourage you to not give up on your dream. If it ever becomes possible to retire to acres and acres, budget in a couple of real livestock guardian dogs, proven ones from someone else with comparable livestock, and let them take care of the varmints....


Oh, Lauren, how sad. Those evil creatures have been taking your animals all year. I would be heartbroken too. I just love my 3 cats too much to even let them go outside. Sending you sympathy and hugs. I feel so bad for you losing your Rubius. Don't llamas guard turkeys as well as sheep?


Oh Lauren, I am so very sorry. Giant hugs to you and your family. I found this link and they suggest electric fencing and you could put it across the top of the fencing you have making a second layer of fencing unless you something that prevents you from using it.

Nancy K.

My heart hurts for you. I too would be Zombi-like. Let yourself grieve ~ you've suffered a real loss. I've often thought that if/when some tragedy befalls my flock, I'll decide to give up on raising sheep because I know it will devastate me. But think of all the joy we would be missing as well! I often think that happiness is like a coin ~ there are two sides. When the 'good' side is up ~ we rejoice. Life is wonderful and we are at our best. But there is always that other side of the coin. No way to avoid it. When it comes up, we just have to endure and try to keep it together until the coin flips once again. And it will...

You're in my prayers.


Oh, Lauren...I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It's a very hard thing to go through. You'll be in my thoughts today. I hope someone can shoot those damned coyotes for you so you can hang one of their hides on your fence as a warning to others.
And come to think of it, I have an extra hutch good for rabbits or chickens that I am willing to let go cheap. I use one for my chickens each night - inside the barn with a predator-proof door on top of that, even...just because of the coyotes and loose dogs around here. About a month ago, my neighbor's pet kitty was sitting on her own home's doorstep when two loose dogs killed her. I was so shocked to hear that poor Jasmine was killed - and still think about it each day. She was a nice cat. The scarey part was I saw those very dogs trying to get into my barn area early that morning, covered in blood. I was so upset when I learned what happened. Finding out about poor Rubius just makes me so mad....


Lauren: I feel for you. Are you in an area that you are allowed to shoot them? Can you put your llama in that pen or does your llama guard?


I'm sorry. Please don't give up.


Don't give up, Lauren, or all those lost have been for naught. The electric fences do work and they are easy to install.

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