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December 12, 2007



Oh, Lauren. What a terrible summer you have had with your animals being sick and prey and. Poor Lucky!

Here's a hug for you and hope all remaining animals stay well.



Lauren, I can completely understand. It is not a good day today at all. We lost our Greta girl this morning just two days after being diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia. Sending you a giant hugs. I know she met Lucky at the Bridge this am.


Lauren, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that with time, these bad things will be replaced by fond memories of your cherished animal friends. My deepest sympathy on your loss of Lucky.

Nancy K.

There is nothing that I can say. I am overwhelmed at your losses. I wish there was something that I could do to help.

I think you are a wonderful person and deserve lots of GOOD things to happen. The coin HAS to have two sides....


You are not being punished. Your family is going through a very bad time, but you have to know that good times will come again.
You have all of us loyal readers who support you and share your hurt, along with your family and friends.
Be strong...


My gosh Lauren, it just raining on you! You have not done anything wrong, this is just one of those rough spots in life. I know you'll come through shining in the end. There are a million cliche's that could be said but they would not be any comfort. The best I can do is to say that I really, truly have been there and I understand how you feel. I've had those losses before and it hurts. You are in my thoughts... Becca

Lynne Robinson

Unfortunately Lauren, it doesn't have anything to do with being a "good" person or not. It's just life. This past year we have lost 4 out of our 7 dogs ( we don't have children so they are like our kids) that we moved here with, plus my wonderful Mom (this past August). Sometimes you have to wonder, don't you? It just has to be gotten through and that's about it. Not much fun!


Thank you! I am no better than you and all you do for others. I baby-sit for my grandkids two days a week and I know what a challenge that is. You have taken the Pint into your home and heart and he couldn't be in a better place. I love you too! Don't know about you but I have been blubbering a great deal the last two days and talking to my Greta girl constantly. Love and hugs wonderful lady. This to shall pass and I have to believe that it will and life will be better for us! Giant hugs to you and your family.


Lauren --- I hadn't read your blog for a couple of days and Julie filled me in. How horrible --- I've been crying with Julie for several days and now with you too. My heart goes out to you --- you are a beautiful person with a huge heart and a zeal for life. You help us see the beauty in things others would dismiss without a second thought. Your critters are well cared for and well-loved. I don't know many who'd let a full-grown duck lounge around on their bed (except me . . . I thoroughly enjoyed it!) and raising Pint takes a whole LOT of energy.

This is a rough spot in the road and a painful one too --- but it will pass. You did the best you could with Lucky and unfortunately most of these guys are so good at covering up their problems that we don't find out how sick they are til it's too late. It's part of Mother Nature's Survival School, as far as they are concerned. But it sure doesn't make it easy to keep them healthy. I could never be without companions, but they are never with us long enough, and parting is filled with heartache.

Hang in there and give yourself a big hug from me. And give all your 2-legged and 4-legged kidz extra hugs. It's OK to cry -- I do that really well (though I've learned to leave the mascara off on those days!) --- and I always think it would be horribly sad if nobody mourned the passing of these gentle souls. I hope you are able to have a peaceful heart soon, dear friend.


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