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March 23, 2008


Nancy K.

It's hard to say with her fleece still on! Her vulva does appear to be soft and swollen. Is she soft & sunken around her tail head? Does she look like she's sunken in, in front of her hip bones? Her udder is bagging up but doesn't look engorged. Not all ewes get really full until after the lambs are born but mine usually get much more 'stretched out' looking. If her bag continues to fill and she is soft and sunken around her tail head, I'd say within the next 24 hours.....

That is JUST a guess ~ like I said, it's hard to tell with the fleece still on. ;-)

Happy Easter, my Dear! I hope you're having a wonderful day with your family. I just got home from work and better get out in the pasture and spend some time with mine.......


Go Charlotte, go Charlotte!! You can do it! I'm hoping that by the time I've written this(10pm CST) she's given birth already, that bum looks totally miserable! We are on piggie watch now, our recently purchased pet shop guinea pig was pregnant when she came home with us(grrrrr). It could be any time now since it has been two weeks since I first felt babies moving. She's just a few months old herself. Anyway, here's to Easter lambies at least!


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