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March 28, 2008



oh Lauren, you always have been the queen of inappropriate attire! Who else hikes at the top of the Palm Springs Tram in high heels! Why give up now!



Oh Lauren, sending you lots of hugs and love. If I weren't laid up, I would try and get out to see you. I know more people for whom the last 24 hours has NOT been good. Things have to get better from here on out. Hugs!!


I think this calls for house lambs. After all, won't they be the most adorable method of soothing and healing the shepherdess? Nay mind the little "raisins"; that's why they invented the shop vac....


Since I couldn't decide between groaning in sympathy for you, tsk-tsking your silliness, or laughing out loud at your acknowledge of your own, mmm, predicament, I sit here is silence. Sounds like time for the twins to rise to the occasion, show the mature side of 13, and take some responsibility. (Please let us know if that happens!)

Since we woke up to snow again here (what's WITH this weather?) I will be very careful when I venture outside, lest my sarcasm bites me in the butt and I fall on it!

Love you!

Nancy K.

I am SO sorry for your owie!
Even if it does sound like you had fun doing it...

Get better fast!

I vote for the 'house lambs'. You wouldn't even need a shop-vac ~ that's what God made Bloodhounds for!!!


Oh Geez Lauren, I get a little behind in reading my blogs and you break a bone! It will heal fast, enjoy the time sitting and just do some knitting.

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