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March 31, 2008



I have two recommendations: 1) stick with women doctors, and 2) see a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. But right now, #2 is far more important. When my mom broke her ankle two years ago, she got your jerk's twin in Texas and he told her to wear the boot, walk on the leg, and no, she didn't need physical therapy. We told her to get another opinion from a sports medicine specialist so she would heal instead of having long-term problems with that ankle (my DH may be a vet but he knows his leg injuries!). Lo and behold, the sports medicine doc said 1) if he'd seen her at the time of the accident instead of two weeks later he would have put a cast on it; 2) the general orthopedist hadn't even prescribed the right type of boot for her injury; 3) that leg needed to be NON-weight-bearing for at least 8 weeks; and 4) Mom needed physical therapy. She's doing great now, after the care of a good MD. GET A SECOND OPINION! Your future comfort and mobility may depend on it!


Go Michelle! I second that opinion whole-heartedly. The initial advice to walk on it, etc. sounds very sketchy to me. Probably from some dink of a guy who thinks that all women do is float around from manicurist to bridge club to poolside and have a housekeeper. Go to a woman who will understand the reality of laundry, toddlers, housecleaning, (not to mention stress!)...although you might have to explain the Pen of Misfit Fowl and Leroy's Brown Badness to her before she gets the WHOLE picture...


See if you can find where Dr. Richard Emerson's new office is. He just started a new practice. He is the former Phoenix Suns ortho. I am sure I can think of someone else or I can ask my daughter who is an OT. Just let me know.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, man. I'm so sorry. I hope you're feeling at least a little better by the time you get this.

Male doctors can be real jerks. I once had an incredibly arrogant, insensitive, misogynistic obstetrician tell me that my absolutely agonizing, pass out if you try to move, never felt anything this awful before, pain was "muscle pain" and "all pregnant women have to expect some discomfort." In fact, I had a stangulated bowel that was weeping fluid into my abdomen and would have killed me had I not yelled at him, reported him to his boss, and then flat out insisted to see someone else. After the emergency surgery and subsequent hemorrhaging--leading to more emergency surgery and a lengthy stay in the ICU--the b*stard had the nerve to attempt a post-op exam on me. He didn't succeed.

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