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April 03, 2008



I think the art is the best idea. You have incredible art talent from some of the things we saw when we were there. You could try some on ebay and an etsy shop. The little blown glass things sound very unique and gorgeous. I will think on it and see what else I can think of.


Since you are flaunting one of the mediums that I never got to try (fused glass) and I'm drooling here, of course I think you should make and sell items made from that. I have no idea, however, what the costs are, and so I don't know if that would be profitable. I just love to look at it! I do know that the fused glass artisan at our local farmers' market didn't have and didn't know how to make buttons out of fused glass. I was looking for some small ones with holes in them for special handknitted items; I don't trust something glued on the back.


I was NOT done with my comment, you jerk computer you! Anyway, I don't wear jewelry, but I would think there would be a bigger market for that than for photo notecards. Do you have "Made in Arizona" stores there like we have Made in Oregon stores? If so, that would be a good marketing venue for your beautiful things (whatever they are). You certainly have enough fiber animals now; do you sell roving? What about in-home marketing, something like Pampered Chef or Mary Kay (you beauty queen, you!)?

Yes, I hope to sell my lambs and Bella. It's funny/ironic how you can't bear to sell your babies but you'll eat someone else's babies, and I'll sell my babies knowing someone might eat them but can't bear the thought of eating anyone's, known or unknown. Ah, we are strange creatures, you and I!


I agree that your jewelry is beautiful. However, I also know ETSY can be hard to find stuff on. You do have the added advantage of a rather intriguing blog that you can link your store to as well. Perhaps some would want to buy simply because they love the stories and fuzzy friends.

Is there any chance of something like petting zoo or touring the farm? I keep looking at your little fuzzy animals wanting to pet them! lol! Your farm is a bit of a dream of mine as well and I KNOW I couldn't eat one of the lambs... I wonder if I could even eat chicken after having a pet one... Selling eggs might be another option. It sounds as though you have a surplus of them.


Since you're pretty sedentary for at least a month, make out a small business plan and really see how the finances fall out. It's a very eye-opening experience for anyone thinking of a small business or self-employment. Most of what you need is on-line ( and even competitive prices, marketing, niche information, etc. to complete the plan. I am working on one myself for our farm in order to "chart our future"...which may very well tell me I have to go back to teaching (but I hope not!)


I think you have some brilliant ideas. I would think about buttons as mentioned previously and maybe shawl pins. Roving is a good plan and I am trying that out myself along with handpainted sock yarns ... which you could try also and maybe sell at your local Saturday market (if you have one). I hope you get up and out soon ...

katie stoesz

how about glass tops with corks for wine bottles or curtain rods with glass ends or your beautiful stained glass windows or your cool deviled-egg dishes; candle holders.
How about protesting oppression through art. Stained glass animal feeders. Art teacher in the schools. Teach writing?

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