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  • She calls herself Lauren but is also known as Mom, Gramma, Lar, and, once upon a time, Peach.
    An ex-suburbanite who moved to the wilds of the Sonoran Desert and decided to raise fiber animals, fowl creatures, 3 halflings, and one pint-sized farmer without a clue as to how. Join Lauren as she learns how to file alpaca teeth, shear a horny goat, raise 3 teenagers and 1 grandchild while cooking dinner and doing the laundry with her other six arms.

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May 07, 2008



Hi Lauren,
I have enjoyed your wonderful blog for awhile but really wish for your sake that you would reconsider your support of Obama in view of the fact that he really is not your kind of person. I perceive that you seem to be a very kind hearted and would not harm a flea if you could avoid it. Lauren, this man not only supports abortions, but the most horrific kind— Partial Birth Abortions. I know it will be hard to look at but please look at these YouTube clips ( and come back to reality. Don't be guilty of blinding promoting as person who supports evil.

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