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March 28, 2007



How did you know that I promised my wonderful Kiwi son-in-law that the first male this year born on Sheep Thrills will be registered as "Sheep Thrills Shaun"????
We are HUGE W&G fans! Too bad they don't play more of these up here.

Our winds were TERRIBLE yesterday! And then we had snow this morning, fact, it's snowing right now! Since everyone was sheared, can you say "Brrrrrr"? (Remember, these are Scottish sheep so roll those rrrr's)

Beth in WI

W&G rock!! Too bad my kids are scared of the Were-Rabbit. I'll just have to watch it again after they're in bed.

Sheep, and a dog who knits? Can't go wrong there.

No snow here, rain and 50s temps. Great weather for mailing someone some YARN. I won't mention any names.


Someone, namely DH, played hari-kari with my packed schedule today by letting the alternator in his vet truck die. I had to drop everything and tow him back to town, then wait around for him to replace said dead alternator, then jump his honkin' big truck with my pulling truck, as most other trucks are too wimpy to do it. Sigh. I didn't get another fleece skirted, I didn't ride my horse, I didn't work on the church newsletter, and I won't get to knit. Maybe walking around the house saying "Haboob" over and over will cheer me up. Hee!


The winds here in Oceanside (CA) yesterday hit 45+ in my back yard and I worried all day that trees on my hill would come down. Then it got cold. It's down in the 30's here tonight. I must say that STS Video made me laugh til I cried --- especially since my son used to play soccer! Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it! Between that, Haboob, and poor Charlotte's V-Watch, I had a rather enjoyable few minutes at YOUR expense!!

Beth T

It really IS called a haboob (although I'm not sure of the spelling). As a child I lived in Khartoum, Sudan, and we had them regularly. Sand and grit would sift under every door and windowsill. We would see it coming from miles away and hurry to shut everything up tight, even in the hottest weather.

Love your site...I am pretending to farm vicariously every day!

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