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April 05, 2007



Lauren: My beautiful tomato plants arrive this week from the Heirloom Tomato Lady and they will be planted this weekend. Get yourself some Earthboxes and you won't have to worry about the watering issue. You can actually make "fake" earthboxes (I have the instructions if you want them). My friend Julie, who lives in Surprise, AZ, has made a number of them very inexpensively and is looking forward to great produce. Your garden is doing miraculously well!! Congrats! I was truly sorry to hear that poor hunney's bun is being ignored! That's not a good sign, LOL!


You get an "A+" for an admirable effort at diverting your and our attention away from poor Charlotte's rear end for a post. I should take a picture of our "garden" for you to make you feel truly superior, as right now we have a bumper crop of grass and some volunteer Swiss chard!


"Let go, let God" is OK...just remember God couldn't be everywhere so He made Moms!
I am so surprised that the cool-weather crops are doing so well down there. We can't even plant the garden until May or June. Global warming may be extending our growing season though...this year things have started greening up earlier than we've ever seen here. Just my luck we'll have another 4th of July frost!

Beth in WI

Oh, Charlotte Brönte. I guess that's one way you could go with it. :)

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