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April 19, 2007


Beth in WI

We had a zucchini summer like that. My mother tried every recipe valiantly. I think they even showed up in chocolate chip cookies. (ONCE.) I recommend shredding them and slipping a little bit in every time you make soup. They really don't have much flavor, so they will thicken it up a little and hopefully add some vitamins.


Ah, Lauren - your green thumb inspires...

I am so jealous! Can't wait to get out in the garden and rototill this weekend, I don't care if it's freakin' raining - we're going!

BTW-potatoes are "done" when the plants die back. Really. That's one thing that makes them loads of fun for the kids...'cause they go digging in the sand for them after the plants are gone, and in their little minds, it's like digging for treasure.

And zucchini is a take-over-the-garden monster here, too. With practically no intervention on the farmer's part. That's why the little one decided to grow it for the local market (they sell their produce through a 4-H program). Momma didn't raise a stupid child...


First of all, I NEVER tire of photos of wooly bouncers (hint, hint!). Remember, I have none of my own yet this year -- although it was amusing to watch Valentine trying to balance on her hind legs to reach the new leaves on a shrubby tree in the pasture this morning. I think the other three are too chubby to even try....

Second of all, I can't BELIEVE you are already eating fresh produce from your garden! Our garden isn't even TILLED yet, much less planted! Of course, it got down into the 30s last night, so nothing would grow if I did have it planted....

Thirdly, try using zucchini EXACTLY as you do yellow crookneck squash. They are both summer squash, and I find they act -- and taste -- the same. I have grown yellow zucchini, and I would bet something big that you couldn't tell the difference when I fixed it.

Gorgeous lettuce photos, by the way. Almost as beautiful as flowers! After featuring the flowers of Boulderneigh this year, next year I'm going to focus on leaves. I find them fascinating -- and lovely. Have a great day!

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