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April 01, 2007



OK, Lauren...give us some info as to when (and you can just give us a range) she was in with the ram and is this her first lambing? (Must have the correct information, Mr. Data...if you please) Engage!


I think... April 3, two little boys, one black and one cookie brown,


Can regular commentators compete? PULLEESE? (I can always use more spinning fiber and you have a lovely dark grey angora goat whose color I just LOVE!) I vote April 7, twins, a ram and a ewe.


Gee...I get an addendum! I am humbled and honored! (heeheehee!) Well, Michelle took the 7th and I don't think taking the 8th is fair - oh, pook! I'll take the 8th with one big boy if it's her first time, a boy and a girl if she's been up to bat before!

(I have one that looks like a tick about to pop...and I saw moving lambs on both sides today!)

Lynne Robinson

I'll take the 4th with two. One girl, one boy. I know nothing about sheep, so don't know if they have triplets like our bear did last year ... so even though she's EWEnormous I'll say twins.

Beth in WI

What the heck, it *is* Charlotte, after all...I'll be literary. Three ewe lambs, April 5.


OK, I'll the April 6th. I think she will have a male and a female! What do I know about sheep? Absolutely nothing! But I love 'em and I enjoy knitting so I'm game!!


Based on the size of Madeline, I'd say conditions in the Southwest are much better than those that simulate the Shetland Islands or some Godforsaken corner of the US, so I am going to stick with 2 lambs, even though she is large enough to look like three anywhere else. They will be big boys, born on the 4th. Or so my crystal ball says.

Lauren Dillon

(I am posting this comment for Ann who emailed me.)

I will vote for April 7th - 2 lambs (are you sure there are 2 or just guessing?) and since no one in my family for 4 generations has had a boy I will have to vote for girls.

i would love some yummy wool, my Mom weaves and I am trying to learn to knit.

thanks, ann and josie


Easter morning, bright and early. Two babies, one of each sex.
And then Charlotte will get up and kick you for talking about her privates on the internet so much. ;-)


I'll guess the 9th, with two female lambs.


Lauren, can you give me a specific link to this post? Your blog program never puts it in the addy window.

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