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May 27, 2007



Hey, that was the best advertising I've gotten since the local paper did a feature on my work several years ago! Thanks!

Seriously, I never thought Mr. Bloodhound would end up on your blog, I just hoped he would lift your spirits with his sagging visage. I really wanted to send you my love in a tangible way, but couldn't think of anything to send you at first -- sometimes the obvious is under our very noses. :-)


Isn't she just great? She sent me one of her works for my birthday and I've been going to post it, but can't seem to get a photo good enough to show her beautiful work. Without flash it won't show up and with flash I get shine, damn it.

Isn't she a genuine Nice Person?


That is beautiful Michelle! Very well done! And what a neat gift!


I just tagged your blog with a meme called Seven Random Facts. You can find out more on my site. Enjoy reading your posts!


What a great portrait. We have a bloodhound rescue just down the road from where my friend lives. I have to say, I LOVE the picture entitled "waiting" here on the blog. I saw it and knew instantly since it looked just like my Zelda (a Giant Schnauzer) sitting there looking at her dish and wondering what Momma MUST be thinking to leave it empty. Of course I have an Indian Ringneck bird who plops his ceramic dish and water bowls up and down in the holder rings when they are empty too.

As for your dyed-in-the-wool green, if it doesn't improve, let me know and I'll buy it and use it in something for my Irish son! It certainly is green!! If you'd wanted it that green it would not have happened.

I really admire your doing this all from scratch. As much as I love knitting, I don't think THIS part of the process appeals to me all that much. But you are a true artist to undertake such a project. And hopefully it has cheered you up a bit!!

Still got eggs?

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