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May 30, 2007


Beth in WI

Wow, I should really get off my a$$ and do something with all that dog fiber I've been saving up. I only have two bags full and I'm afraid that it will never look like Pixie's colors after I get done washing and carding it. Maybe I should just keep a sample of each color, and dye some wool someday instead?


I can not even begin to imagine living with that many wolves in a house! But from your photos the fiber is beautiful. Maybe that's the trade-off. Perhaps WolfMan should take up spinning? :)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! I, too, have had one of those "hell-weeks" and am really glad my DH & I didn't go traveling, but stayed home instead.

Keep cool and stay away from those hot dyepots in the Valley of the Sun heat!


Thanks for posting the pictures! I want wolf fluff and a pack of my own!


The roving is STILL pretty, only on my screen the blue really comes through. And if anyone can whip that wolf into yarn, you can. :-) I appreciate your Amity, too!!!


I love the color of the redyed Roving. Don't you think Wolfman is the nicest guy! I guess having ten wolves in the house wouldn't bother me, as we have had six giants at one time. This was on one of the giant lists today. I love it. Guess it is my skewed sense of humor. "If you plan on breaking in, please remove your glasses and dentures as the dogs find them hard to digest. Have ID out and ready so we can contact your next of kin."


Love the color, love the wolves, love the bags and bags of fluff! FUN! And now that it's summer, you can dye that roving whatever color you'd like, because we all have lots of bright and sunny. :-D


Since it's short, how about carding that wolf fur with something else. Wouldn't that work?

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