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May 29, 2007



If the photo on my computer screen is at all accurate, I think the roving is a perfect "Pacific Northwest" green! I think you should leave it alone, sell it as is or spun up into yarn. But then again, living here as I do, I'm very partial to green. :-) (Just not around my face, thank-you....)

Nancy K.

I think it's PRETTY!

Beth T

Darn! And I was just having a fantasy about a St. Patrick's Day tam. Then I thought of Kentucky bluegrass at sunset in May, or that pure spring green that hurts your eyes it's so intensely beautiful.

Go for the darker shades, but I think the green is actually okay and will work. Just maybe not for socks.


OOooooh, it's so pretty! You should know that a) my memory is about three seconds long so I have no idea what I told you, and b) I'm a complete color whore and like everything. If you don't like it (and I haven't read up on the rest of your posts so I don't know if you dyed more yet) I love it! (If you already DID dye more, maybe you'll sell me the green too?)


You don't need to over dye this at all. It will spin up into a very beautiful varigated yarn! It may not be what you were hoping for, but it still doesn't need to be "fixed"!

Jeanne B.

LOL! I realize I'm commenting on an old post, but I found your post while looking for info about Sabraset and immersion dyeing (having just begun my own explorations). I'll keep the tips in mind--especially about maintaining 190 degrees and checking the color with spoons. I've only begun doing samples (in glass jars in a canning pot) but I'll be overdyeing full skeins soon enough. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. BTW, I love the colors of the roving. The greens are rich--I hope I can mix a green like that.

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