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May 09, 2007



We've had the heat here too (Oceanside, CA) and I have no energy in this kind of heat. Early this year too as we usually have "May Gray" and "June Gloom" before all that. It's a good thing I don't have AC in this house --- I wouldn't be able to pay the bill. But it's better than the heat bills I had in Colorado in the winter!

Beth T

Please feel free to push some of that heat up this way so the ground will warm up enough for me to start planting stuff that my Yard Bunny won't eat. Sigh. I think that means that this year I will have tomatoes, marigolds, and tomatoes.

Drooling Over Your Lettuce in Michigan

PS I wilt in the heat too. Yes, A/C is expensive. On the other hand, Mr. Pi doesn't have to listen to PixelPi piss and moan when it's August and Michigan mysteriously turns into Burma.


We're "warm-ish" up here too, Lauren. The sheep have been staying in the barn most of the time, as it's part cinderblock, part frame construction it stays nice and cool all day long. We have to get some shade up in the pasture though.
And even here we'll be sweltering in the heat this year. My DH is working on installing AC for us as the heat really flares me up to the point where I'm just a puddle. He works in AC all day long, getting home when its starting to cool down so never feels the brunt of the heat of the day. I had to give him choices - he could take care of everything while I "summer" in NZ's winter, I can stay in a motel every night to get cool, or we put in AC. :)
I am in "Summer Mode" now - gettting up with the first light, doing chores 'til 9 am, then it's quiet stuff until the sun goes behind the mountain.
Remember to keep drinking more H2O as well as we can't tell we're losing fluids here in AZ until we start hallucinating! :) (Beer won't work for that, darn-it...just compounds the problem...which doesn't seem logical to me but...)

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