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June 22, 2007



Lauren, you probably already know this, but don't shy away from dyeing the darker wool. There you can satisfy your urge to use bright colors, and still get neat, muted and mellow effects.

(From another dye junkie...)


It's addicting, it is. Plus, if you were to have a silvery-fleeced sheep, you could blend all those natural colors, AND have a whole new range of dyeables. Just sayin', is all. (BTW, BRING ON the color. Flowers shouldn't get to have all the fun.)

Beth in WI

So you're saying, I have to raise white sheep? I guess someone has to. As much as I say I want to work with the natural colors, I probably wouldn't wear a whole bunch of brown sweaters.

There's a daylong seminar for new shepherds at the WI S&W. If I get to go, I'll take notes for you!

Beth T

No sheep, no yarn, no pointy sticks here. But color? YES. Your yarns are so beautiful! There used to be a yarn store in a town near here. It was a favorite winter stop years ago. You could walk in there out of the snow and go nuts over the yarns stacked to the ceiling like stained glass windows. Go for the color. It's gorgeous!


My Farm Management professor started lecture the very first day with, "If you want to make money raising livestock, first...go get yourself a good paying job."
There it was...balls-out truth! Many times has that entered my head.

And Melanie is CAN overdye the lighter wools even if they are grey! You can get some bee-you-tea-full colors from overdyeing...they are just a bit "saddened", that's all.

How are you holding up in the heat? I'm sure it flares you up like it does me. Just take it easy and keep cool in the a/c, if you can, Lauren.

Oh, drat! There are the elk again! Seven this where did I put my flip-flops and the big noisy trash bag? ;)


All I can say is you guys have WAY more fun than I do --- or so it seems. And I'm all for color --- the more the better. It's beautiful and sensual and warm and sends your mind on trips you never thought you'd take. I should think coloring darker wool would just increase the color ranges --- but hey, I don't raise sheep so what would I know!

They are beautiful --- hope you get lots of knitting done while hiding from "The Door" and staying in the AC!


I saw the most gorgeous deep red heathery Shetland yarn at OFFF last year; it was over-dyed BLACK fleece! Lauren, dear, your fun has just begun.... :-)

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