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June 10, 2007



Oh that Pint --- what a cutie he is --- naked and all. And boy will you have pictures to bribe him with later in life. Gotta love a kid who knows how to live right in hot weather.

Now the rovings(?)are beautiful and appropriately named. I love them both and can hardly wait to see what the spun yarn looks like. I'm having a lot of fun learning about this whole process. I've always just seen the beginning (shearing) and end (from spinning to yard), so this is really cool. Keep up the good work. And tell DH it sounds like a good thing he didn't mistakenly turn up the fire on the Dimsum pot or his name likely would have been reduced to something Dimmer-than-Dear!!


WOOHOO! GREAT job on the dying this time (although I liked the results last time, too)! Cute kid, too. Can't remember when Brian last had cute baby fat to photograph; he's such a stripling now that naked photos look too, well, adult!


I love the dye job!! The colors are wonderful!! Pint must be related to my grandkids. Nekked is their favorite state. ;-)) Julie in Indiana


I dont know where he could possibly get it from. Hehehehe.....


They are SO pretty, and the Pint cracks me up. What a cutie he is. Really, things are so much better when you're naked.
The lacking-a-second-kitchen and the inability of my family to stay out of whatever I'm doing (plus the lack of storage space for an extra set of pots) is why I'm sticking with the food-grade dyes for now. Not as many premixed color solutions, but no worry of The Bug drinking any harsh chemicals. (Well, besides a drink mix that stains so seriously I can dye with it, but that's another post all together.)


I think naked is the only way to watch that particular movie. About the 20 millionth time my daughter watched it, I finally slowed down enough to watch it with her and realized how politically INcorrect it is, in so MANY ways...amazing that it has survived, really. (I mean, that is if the Pint is watching the original...)

We were dyeing today too! Only sock yarn instead of roving.

Colored-fingered women are the best kind...


That is really to dye for! Cool! Yes, we did have that humid spell didn't we? ;)

It's been nice here...a steady breeze coming in just the right way to keep the house pretty cool and us comfortable without taking the shingles off like the day we had the 100 mph gusts last week. Oi!

Now if we'd just get some real rain and not the stupid verga!

Way to go, Oh-Colorful-Energetic-Person!

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