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June 23, 2007



Ooooo, that YOUR pool? If it is, I'll be right down! ;)

I'm sorry for you having to endure all the Moldy People! But I can understand not wanting to leave an unattended house as well. Park your spinning wheel in a comfortable area and go fo it! Great excuse to spin - I have to because I have to watch the workmen! :)


The Pint. Darn it is he cute. He is looking rather tan, you think? I can't believe how much like a little man he looks. I can't wait to take him swimming over here. We are gonna ride Cherokee and swim all day. Hope the mold thing goes ok. Love from the other side of town.


Wow. I understand the noise - DH is a contractor and likes to tear things up, and when he's not ripping into my house he's ripping into some machinery or another. (Currently it's his Harley. Because the front blinkers didn't match the back blinkers and it was tacky. Oy.) I hope it gets cleaned up and dried out quickly and you can get back to a peaceful feeling.


Well yesterday was definitely a pool day. Debbie and I drove my grrrlz (2 Giant Schnauzers)over to Julie and Toms' for the duration of my packing to move. "Hotter'N'Hell" is the phrase that comes to mind.

Stopped for gas on the way out of Surprise and "surprise!" the car didn't want to start. We had a GS puppy Debbie is fostering and 2 coon hounds we'd gotten from Coon Rescue to transport back here to Rescue in San Diego. We were not happy campers. Took 45 minutes on hold with AAA to get the promise of a truck in ANOTHER 45 minutes --- in the heat with the dogs, etc., etc., at 3:00 p.m.

Fortunately Debbie's mechanic was able to talk her through starting the car (via phone) as he decided the starter contacts had overheated! It started --- mechanic said "hit the road NOW to cool the motor down and don't turn it off til you're home --- call AAA from the road --- put the pedal to the metal and do not stop at any local eating establishments along the way as you MAY need a new starter!" We did and we didn't. Long day and we welcomed the coolness of San Diego washing over us upon our return.

How you can deal with that heat AND the Moldy Men, I do not know. I agree --- good time to spin. I'm very OC when I knit --- I knit faster and faster and faster and can't stop until I do "just one more row." So I think spinning would be a similarly good way to deal with all that frustration. Hopefully it will be over soon. Hopefully the Mold Men are cute --- although probably well hidden under Moldy Man Protective Gear!

Good that Pint is great with the water. Nice to know they have a healthy respect for the water though --- less likely to jump in unattended!



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