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June 04, 2007



What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE from your DD!!! Give her a hug from ME, for giving YOU (okay, and the rest of her family) this affirmation of her love and roots.

Wow, in that photo Cookie's yarn looks burgundy-chocolate, and absolutely delicious. I'm hoping to start Bill Withers today, so I weighed his cloud -- 8 oz! That's more than the red Wensleydale I want to ply it with, so I'll have plenty to ply with something else, too. What fun!

Beth in WI

Great story, frightening snakeskin, and beautiful yarn! (Jess's birthday is June 6, my wedding anniversary?)

And when I start raising sheep, you guys will seriously have to help me with my clever sheepy names. Bill Withers.... heh...heh...heh....


My, my, HAVE been busy, haven't you? ;)


Oh, this is better than soaps! DD came home! All is right with the world...except for that snake thing...mind you, I like the buggers, but here in NY, they're all the mouse-eating, non-venomous type.

P.S. That yarn is gorgeous!

Beth T

Beautiful yarn. Scary snake action. However, it was probably feasting on whatever local rodents were feasting on your feed. What's creepy about the skin is that the snake isn't dead, just bigger. Ewwwwww. Boots sound like a really really good idea. My dislike of creepy crawlies extends to those six or more legs. The more legs, the worse it is for me. Mr. Pi is the official Spider Killer in our house. I hates them. ::::shiver:::::


I just came across your blog (on and had to write because I read the Tianamen Square article the other day and also thought why don't I remember that so well and, like you, realized that I was days away from the birth of my 2nd child -- my now 18 year old son, Eric. I guess on some level I am amazed I remember anything from that period as I also had a 20 month old at home! Happy birthday to your daughter.

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