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June 07, 2007



We should all have that soft-focus lens following us around all day. I'm pretty sure you couldn't see the AZ-sun damage on my face through one of those.
Sorry about the Pint. Maybe he sensed that yesterday was not All About Him and didn't like it. Sigh about the teenagers. (Also know that it's likely that someday they will be in a similar situation, and you will be at home with the sudden urge to chuckle without knowing why, and you'll remember - karma is getting them and they are at that moment paying to replace something that Grandchildren broke...)


Sounds like "life;" coulda been better, coulda been worse. Better woulda been nice!


Thanks for Scarlet today, Lauren --- I needed her. I'm currently living in the "I'll think about that tomorrow" mode. Me thinks this one (Tomorrow is another day) is probably better psychologically.

And -- yes --- paybacks can be grand when they come around. Good luck and hang in there. I can almost guarantee that someday you will wish you could re-live 5 minutes with Pint at this age. And the picture that comes to mind when I say that is Pint as the neked farmer boy!!

Beth T

Thanks for the Grammar Girl tip! The long dead-and-buried Mrs. Ferguson of 8th grade English, who made us diagram the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, was death on ending a sentence with a preposition. To this day it makes me wince to do it, but I have been assured by our QA supervisor (a.k.a. Grammar Girl at work)that it's fine. Some day I will lay the preposition neurosis to rest. Yeah. And some day I'll stop eating chocolate.

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