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July 22, 2007



All I can say is, you have a very interesting household. :-)

Off to take a much-needed shower after hard physical labor. Then I'm going to a young friend's voice recital and graduation reception without my guys. I think it will be lovely all around!


Poor old Jakers. I hope he picks up soon. Letting him sleep in your bed is more charity than I could give to a chicken, I'm afraid. And I think the sheet/shower/housetraining issue would really get to me. Still, he looks pretty miserable. I don't think I could do the farming thing and watch my animals sick or dead. As it is, the cats get carted off to the vet for all kinds of things, including euthanasia after a stroke or other incurable disease. That's enough to break my heart. You farmers must be a tough breed.


Poor Jackers, I hope he's doing better this morning. How did you know you wouldn't roll over and squish him overnight? How far long are you in the last and final Harry Potter book? Jessica was waiting so anxiously pacing around the house trying to watch tv, and yelling at me every 2 min "Why isn't my book here yet?!?" It was quite amusing to see her squirm as I sat peacefully writing a new blog. She had decided to take a nap as I got ready to go to work and just as I was walking out the front door the very sexy mailman was delivering the phenominal book just had been anticipating. From outside I called and yelled for Jessica. I wanted to see her excitement and I wanted to see the end of her disappointment for having to wait so long. She came slowly outside almost afraid or in disbelief that it had finally arrived. (I even had to point at it for her to even look at the mailbox). It was worth it. She turned cherry red (which sound really yummy right now) and smiled so "shy-like". I gave her a hug and I was off to work.
P.S. Cordelia's rooster picture is absolutely adorable, I'd frame it!


Things are never this exciting in my bed!

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