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August 23, 2007


Nancy K.

Hey Lauren,

Would you please e-mail me your snail mail address? I have something that I want to send to you....


I am sorry you are still feeling badly. How long does it take the gold to work? Am home in Idaho ... lots of work to be done ... but I am insanely happy. I hope you are feeling better soon.


I thought of you as I unloaded 200 lbs. of various animal nutritional necessities this afternoon. I feel so bad that I ever gave you a hard time about not being a "real," muscle-bound farm girl. I'd gladly come over and do some heavy lifting for you (even some housecleaning -- now that's LOVE!) if only we lived closer. I applaud your determination to be as positive as possible, and pray that the gold brings some relief. And can you say, "homegrown turkey for Thanksgiving"?


You have it right --- after all, childhood is supposed to be a time for learning those things which will later get us through life. Problem is, we've started forcing our children to grow up too soon, so they are not learning those lessons!!

Take this time to enjoy the beauty of summer and the sweet smells of pint-sized necks. We miss soooo much trying to win the rat-race. I'm sad that you have to experience so much pain, but do take time to smell the roses --- let your body have some time to relax --- it will help the healing process.

Your blog was such a help to me in the spring when my life was going nuts --- it helped me keep my sanity and gave me something to look forward to each day. Now I love looking at your photos --- we have similar tastes in photo subjects.

Hang in there and let us all help you through this --- thank goodness for good in-laws, eh?


I'm vote with Michelle on the home-grown Zorro . . . erm . . . turkey for the holidays. Serve him right! (pun intended). I identify so much with the uncleaned house and piles of laundry and *not caring* being a good attitude. I have that attitude myself. Almost every day now. Hugs.


Sorry to hear you're having a 'down time'. That's what I call it when my body refuses to work the way I wish it would - which is not to say perfectly but, preferably with less shrieking pain.

On the zorro - I don't know. I've had a few male animals do this to me. Our ram, Rufus, is usually quite calm but with breeding season upon him, he changes for about 10 weeks. I won't go near him at this time because he makes the 'breed face' and comes running in my direction. Creeps me out!


Still trying to track your wrestling friend from OSU?...I think he's the same name (and age) as someone in B'ville who is married to a nice gal and owns a large security system company. I picked up your question on Ree's site this morning.

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