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September 26, 2007



Trust your gut, dear! If you're pleased with it in SPITE of looking at it for hours, then it's GOOD (and it IS)! As for the cowboy boots, I have two suggestions: a local resale store or eBay. GREAT places for things like little boy boots that kids outgrow so fast. Ask me how I know....

And now, I must get ready to go to town. I'm going to wear my mini-cardigan! I finished it earlier this week and finally had a chance to try it on last night. This one fits!


The sweater is darling --- I love the flowers and the colors are great. It will be a treasure, I'm sure. And I love Pint's sweater. I made all my son's sweaters and stuff for years. In fact, since he was born in September (in Michigan) he didn't really need a snowsuit until he was 3 --- so I knitted him a long "jacket-sweater" that got him through Winter #2 --- it was the first time I did a double knit and it was quite a project. But it kept him warmer then any snowsuit ever did.

As for the cowboy boots --- we moved to Colorado when my son was 6. His first babysitter was married to a trucker who wore Western boots. All Garrett talked about was getting cowboy boots. I said they weren't good for his feet and he kept telling me the sitter said they "keep your arches up."

We went back to Michigan that first year to spend Christmas with my Mother. Transported Santa Claus to my Mom's tiny efficiency unit. G opened his eyes Christmas morning and immediately (from his bed) spied the cowboy boots under the tree. He could hardly wait to get dressed and put them on. Whereupon he announced to everyone within hearing distance, "See Mom --- I told you --- they keep your CROTCHES up!"

As for the suggestion on where to get them -- I agree. G had very wide feet and I ended up shopping all the REAL western boot stores in Denver and when I finally found a pair they were EXXXXPENNNSIVE. Pint reminds me of G --- big for his pint-sized age. Hope you don't have the same problem. But he definitely SHOULD have some cowboy boots --- maybe Leroy needs them too. After all --- they keep your crotches up, Mom!!

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