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October 26, 2007



Your friends left so soon? I can only hope that means they were able to go back to their undamaged home.

LOVE the dye job! It's hard to tell with the sun streaming in the window behind my computer, but it looks like you got exactly the smoky effect you were looking for. I might have to try that on one of my white or light grey fleeces . . . wonder if it would work with Kool-Aid (my hero :-)? Glad to see you elbow deep in fiber again. I'm feeling some withdrawal because I haven't had time to start a new spinning or knitting project between my state of mind over Rosie and my sister still being here, but hope to remedy that a bit today. Just finished vacuuming the house for the first time since we had to put Rosie down, and I felt like I was erasing the last traces of my baby; so hard!


I like the idea of dying fiber like that. When I have a dirty fleece that I want to dye I wash it and rinse it in vinegar and water and then while it is wet with that I put it in the dye pot and add the dye. That way I skip my old process of drying and picking it twice. I love how your colours turned out. Great job!


Cool colors --- wow --- big time saver. Hope your friends' earlier departure bodes well for the state of their home. Air quality is horrid though. But I'm not sure I'd want to leave my home unattended right now, so can understand their need to get back. Glad you are doing better. Must be that Eastern influence finding its way into your life already!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Wow! I know I'm late to the game, responding to this post, but I just found it, somehow, while googling "dyeing angora". I'm a long-time knitter and new spinner, and I am just blown away by that gorgeous blue-green wool. Awesome! I haven't tried dyeing yet, but now I'm totally tempted.

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