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October 11, 2007




I am so sorry to hear about your losses… I read the posting yesterday and thought of you many times throughout the day. I know each and every one of them where precious and irreplaceable. Try to concentrate on the fulfillment that unfolds day after day on your farm. It’s your sincerity and uncanny wit that keeps us tuned in every day…

Beth in WI

We're here! And we've all been very worried about you the last couple of days. Hang in there babe, and be extra nice to those scared survivors. Did you ever confirm the species of the marauders?


Way to go. You guys have inspired me, and I am glad to see you haven't strayed from the Poultry Path. (From the sound of it, you still have a very handsome flock.) Today I became the owner of 4 turkey poults, and so I am going out to the pen with you in mind, resolved to making it critter-proof. Sometimes we others need to hear your stories, however tragic - so don't stop writing, even if we don't always write back.


I'm so sorry to hear of your losses! My husband grew up on a ranch in northern CA and had a similar coyote incident. Only one chicken survived it, and she never went back to the coop again. She made a new home for herself on the front porch, where she lived out her days with the dogs and cats. I guess they made good wildlife deterents!


We're always here for you, Lauren.
We just can't say what we want to as well as you do.

Tina T-P

Lauren - so sorry to hear about the loss of your little flock - that is the part of farming this I hate - when something like that happens. I'm glad that the rest of your critters were safe. Tina


I am SO sorry! We had a similar situation here last month (for 2 Sundays in a row). The coyotes are getting very bold here ... They killed one of the baby chickens up on the front porch before I saw him and scared him off. I have been able to keep them away from the hen house using a trick an older man told me of ... have the men in your house go pee around the perimeter. I know it sounds a bit odd ... but the hen house is the one place I haven't had trouble with them. Of course ... I live in the middle of nowhere ...


I'm commenting because I wanted to let you know there is one more reader that really enjoys your posts. I've been reading since sometime this past summer. I followed a link from Franklin Knits (he answered a question you had about the Glencora shawl) I like following the tales of your family,farming and fiber life.

I am sorry to read about the midnight raid of the chicken coop. I feel especially bad for your boys. Farming, even pretend farming has some tough times. The way your boys went to work and harnessed their grief into protecting the rest of the flock is impressive.


I think your polish chicken is soo cute! I have 3 of them but 1 is a mix.

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