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November 17, 2007



Ohh, where are you going camping? Sounds like great fun!!

Nancy K.

Lauren, you have to know that I love you dearly. It is only because of that love that I'm going to risk overstepping the line and offering the following suggestion. GET ON JESSICA'S CASE LIKE FLIES ON SHIT!!!! She is a grown woman, living in her mother's house ~ there is NO excuse for her not to do her own laundry, or at the very least, put it with the family laundry so that someone can do it FOR her.

I'm sorry. I truly am. But you've got enough to do without having to wait on and clean up after a grown up Jessica.

On the lighter side ~ I've got a real easy (and much less gross) method of picking up poop! I use a plastic "pitch fork-rake" that I bought at Farm and Fleet. Any poop that is small enough to fall out between the tines is OK to be on the ground. The vast majority of the piles in my yard, fit nicely in the scoop part of the fork and I'm able to remove feces without bending over or touching it!

On the other hand, I can see where the joint venture with the Pint might be kind of fun.....



I quickly second Nancy's suggestion, but will move on to say that you can't be too hard on yourself about cleaning house if you also go about picking up poo on a regular basis. You are a cleaning diva, you are!

Allena Jackson

HA, I'm sorry to post on this older post, but I feel your pain.

I have 4 kids, laundry isn't a chore, it's a way of life. If you have a kid over 10, then they should be doing at least half of the laundry lol. My 14 year old does, laundry and dishes.

Finally, kids love poop, in any form. My now five year old use to run around the yard and stick twigs in the piles....uh yeah honey, how neat. kids, sheesh.

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