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December 07, 2007



I am so sorry.


Yes, by all means, save your energy for coyote hunting! We will wait here until you are ready and able to be back. Best of luck.

Sam Gullo

You live in dangerous country at the moment. I would be doubly careful about letting "pint" out to play in the yard. Your home is under siege and if it was my yard I would diffently set up a bait trap situation, wait for them to return and shoot. At this point the coyotes are very dangerous because they have crossed the line and have no fear. They have to be killed.


Oh dear. We had our little email exchange before I read your newest post. I had no idea your heart had taken another hit....


Sam brings out a very, very valid point Lauren...I know you're so good about keeping Pint under watch, but if they are out in broad daylight hunting he's at risk. And so are you. I would talk to Fish & Game to see what you can do in your area to defend your property. (But then AZF&G aren't big about help, at least not here)


I know nothing about farming, sheep, chickens, coyotes, etc. But I do agree with others that the Pint needs to be watched very carefully. It's obvious that this pack (?) considers your space as their grocery store, and they are going to keep coming back. I wouldn't be surprised if they had the nerve to attack an adult if no one else were around.

Maybe it's time to teach the Pint the pointy stick game and for HH to learn how to shoot a gun. I'd rather learn gun safety and practice it than get bitten by a coyote (those rats on human growth hormone). Nail their coats to the outside of the fence as they fall one by one.

We're be here when you get back. Stay strong. And whap one on the nose with a baseball bat for me, OK?


You know what you need? A good ole fashioned rifle. Draw a bead on those suckers and end their blood-thirsty ravaging for good. Consider it as therapy. You could even make yourself a nice coyote stole to wear to church. I grew up on a farm that bordered the mountains and we used to shoot coyotes from our porch.


Lauren: I'm behind in my reading --- working contract in San Diego means working 24/7 some days.

I'm glad folks mentioned Pint as that is definitely my concern --- once they find a food source, they will continue to return. Fish & Game seldom does much --- have you tried the male urine marking thing? That worked for me in Oceanside. But, frankly, I'd be tempted to get a rifle and use it.

Hang in here kiddo. Don't give up.

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