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January 16, 2008



Oh, Lauren! I'm just spittin' distance from the Vermont border, we've got just the snow you're dreaming about, I personally drive two covered bridges in a day's errands, and I'll even do some laundry. (Note I said some, and not all!) You have an open invitation....


Don't tell me Hunky Husband ALSO wrestles wild animals to the ground with his bare hands!?! Be still, my beating heart! The man is like David in the Bible!

Nancy K.

I'm pretty sure that I'm on your way to Vermont! Stop in for refueling (both your vehicle and YOU) and stay as long as you like. We're getting tons of snow today ~ which is good because I'm still sick and it gives me an excused absence from work. Excused, but unPaid ~ OUCH! I've used up all my sick days. :-(

I know that you won't really be making the trek in the immediate future, but am still hoping for 'someday'. In the meantime, if cyber hugs and lots of good thoughts and prayers are any help at all, you should be feeling better soon!

Love ya!


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