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January 17, 2008



So, any idea how the coyote fared with the German Shepherds? And would the German Sheperd-owning neighbors be interested in buying the German Shepherd print in the benefit auction?

Nancy K.

OMG! I don't even know what to say. He could have been seriously HURT! I'm proud of him too ~ but also think you should slap him upside the head! Coyote wresting indeed!

I'm glad none of the 'good guys' were hurt and hope the coyote (if he managed to escape the GSDs) learned his lesson and moves far, FAR away....


Check out a breed of dog used for guarding livestock called Kuvasz. I think that's what you need to get.

Molly(in east Texas)

Oh. My. Stars! We have coyotes in our city(yes, city) and a band of them lives in the wooded oil lease across the street from our driveway. They howl, yip and carry on like a bunch of drunken collies most every night. We've seen them rarely, just zipping in and out of the tree line now and then, and one got killed by a car at the end of our street. Occasionally they come up on our driveway to challenge our dogs and they mark their territory by spraying bushes in the neighborhood. I'm pretty sure they take the stray cats too. A friend in a different part of town has seen one in her yard carrying a cat. They are in our city parks, along with wild hogs and deer(yes in the parks!). And last October I saw a cougar when we were coming home from a day at the lake(it was in the country but not 200 yards from a house). It is most definitely a jungle out there, please be careful!



Please keep in mind that coyotes are one of the big carriers (along with skunks) of rabies here in AZ, Lauren...maybe HH would be better off shooting trapped coyotes rather than wrestling them? Please be careful....the shots are not fun.

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