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    An ex-suburbanite who moved to the wilds of the Sonoran Desert and decided to raise fiber animals, fowl creatures, 3 halflings, and one pint-sized farmer without a clue as to how. Join Lauren as she learns how to file alpaca teeth, shear a horny goat, raise 3 teenagers and 1 grandchild while cooking dinner and doing the laundry with her other six arms.

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February 06, 2008


Nancy K.


I really MUST come and visit you!

(and visa-versa!)


I do believe the balance of power in the Dillon household has shifted to the animals. Who knows where this situation will end up. Perhaps you and the other two-footers will be moved out to the abandoned pen of misfit fowl!


Oh. How. Funny. I am rolling!! I want those kind of dogs in my next dog-life. My 12-year-old daughter now wants a bunny too, now that part isn't funny. Would you like me to ship you a guinea pig?


I stumbled onto your site and love the pics! I grew up with bloodhounds, although they were outside dogs. I can't imagine one of them on the couch. Thanks for bringing back memories of Magnolia and Nadine.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Total crack up! Our dogs have always considered the furniture their private domain. We even had a chicken who liked to lounge on a vacant lap at every opportunity. But the bunny takes the cake.

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