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April 13, 2008


Nancy K.

I'll take a number!
Forget about random....just take the FIRST comment! ;-)
nothing greedy about me.

Hey Lady,
let me know if you figure out how to make money off your blog. I'd love to turn mine into something lucrative. Of course, then it wouldn't be fun and I wouldn't want to do it anymore...

Good luck with getting rid of the Frankinmonster boot!!!


Well sign me up then!!! I crochet, haven't got the right touch for knitting yet even though I can do a scarf(if it is fluffy enough to not show my stitches). My crochet is MUCH better. A fellow homeschooling mom was going to give me some roving but she never did and then she left our group. I've been wanting some for 2 years now, the real kind, fresh from a sheep! Or yarn, whichever. That might work better since I don't spin.*G*


ps, Hope the Frankenboot is gone soon, I can't imagine what you're going through! Hang in there!

pps, I LOVE Donald O'Connor!!!! We watched him and Ethel Merman in Call Me Madam, and I love There's No Business Like Show Business with them and Marilyn Monroe!!


I'm Irish, and personally love the quote "the Irish could rule the world......if it weren't for liquor!!!!

You may or may not want to keep the drasted boot, they tried to give me a shoe cast too, but caused waaaayyyyy to much pain when I tried it.....and I only damaged ligaments, no breaks for me. (I had a boot for 4+ months, it lingers in my closet to remind me to watch my step!)


Well, if it's got to be reading, then Diana Gabaldon should be on the top of the pile. Nothing like a hunky Scot in a kilt to get you out of your mift...(that's a low spot)

I say you should make a traveling exhibit of the boot when you are finally finished with it. We blog followers take turns adding something from our farms/homes to it, and mailing it on to the next, and so on, then finally back to you. Fully decorated, it should be a better conversation piece than the stream of foul language and woe it currently inspires, no?

Sue G.

Reading something other than rubbish?! Now that won't help you feel better at all! Interests ebb and flow, I'd not worry about the knitting crisis - it will heal itself. As will that darn ankle.

Oh, and I have no problem navigating around the ads... so bring 'em on. And talk about yourself -- thats why I read your blog.


Tell me more about the Irish County Doctor! Sounds interesting and I love reading your blog! Giant hugs! It is getting HOT! UGH! I am not done working outside yet for this. So cooler weather has to come at the end of the week. ;-))


You crack me up ... LOL! Get better soon .... and then knit simething!


Personally, I recommend "Junk Readers Anonymous." BTW, did you ever get a second opinion on your fracture? I don't trust that guy you saw first, and I haven't even met him....

Vicki in Michigan

books on tape.

Oops, how behind the time -- books on cd.

Knit *and* "read"............. :-)

Nancy K.

Where's my yarn??????


Ha...I have the opposite problem. I generally LOVE to read. Right now I have to read for school and so don't want to. It is not even that the subject is boring. I just want to do craft stuff. Sigh...finals are coming soon though so I must force myself back to reading. Oh ..and not blogs. lol!

Good luck with the boot!

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