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May 08, 2008



Well, you're ahead of me; I don't know what the Clone Stamp in PhotoShop is? Will it make my house look cleaner?

Vicki in Michigan

I hate cleaning, because the minute you turn your back, it all has to be done again.

On the other hand, when you clean things up in photoshop, they STAY cleaned up. Forever and ever.

I took a pic of our rusty old car, and 'shopped it. Ever after I was surprised to see the rust on the car. "Hey! I got *rid* of that! Oh. Nevermind. Only the *pic* got cleaned up."

I 'shop mess and dirt and whatever out of my pics allllll the time.

And I don't feel ONE bit guilty.

I'm not a journalist. I've got no obligation to show it "as it was." I can show it as I think is most interesting/beautiful/whatever.

That's my story, and I"m sticking to it!

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