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September 12, 2008



Hmmm, how about "Will trade yarn for hay"? I STILL think all that fiber has to be marketable in some form.

And yes, Shetland sheep are mind-readers. I've had silly sheep go soft when they heard the words "for sale," too. I will say, though, as hard was to face parting with Blanche, Bluster, Bella (she was a BIG-time mindreader!), Bevin and Rechel this year, once they left it felt good, knowing they had good homes and I had more time and hay for the rest.


I hear you, Lauren...I'm facing the same thing AND not breeding this year. How can I justify brining in more sheep with these prices? Skit will just have to take the year off. Now, I just have to explain it to him...


BTW...that "Mom" is Kathy, up north a bit...have to talk to my daughter about TypeKey....

Lauren Dillon

Mom's fine with me, Kathy. I could always use a little extra maternal guidance.

All the boys here are now emasculated, poor things. No huevos at Rancho Laurena (except from the feathered ones). I'm already sad facing the thought of no spring lambs. I love them so; they make everything else worth it. In the meantime, I'd truly like to just keep what we have as a spinner's flock and sell the extra roving. If only hay wasn't as expensive at it is!

And your point about prices is well taken. With this economy, the market for fiber animals is down right poor, which means a trip to the butcher which I cannot face. I just can't. I'm going to take Michelle's suggestion and get my butt in gear and start selling some roving to see what sort of income I can generate from that. If it could just cover hay cost, I'd be satisfied. If it can't, I hope to find a 4H-er who would like to have a couple of sheep as projects and pets.

I'm glad you understand how heart wrenching it is. Thank you. Send Skittles my sympathy, the poor guy. The scent in the air is going to drive him crazy. Batten down the hatches!

Michelle, you are a stronger woman than I! Who do you have left? It sounds like they all left!


I completely understand...and now have 24 that I can't split up still close knit families or special personalities or have gotten old and need a nice place to retire.... Good luck with the sign. Let me know if it works ;-)

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