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September 18, 2008


Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Wow. I'm astounded by some of the comments to your last post. When will I ever stop being astounded by the depth of the political ignorance of the average American?


Lauren: Good luck on your job --- I know it's hard with all that going on and we're just supposed to keep up --- but maybe it will remove some of the stress you have felt and make things easier. I agree with you on te political thing --just amazing how ignorant folks can be.

Good luck. We'll all enjoy your posts when you can do it -- my best time is usually in the middle of the night. Makes it hard to be on a normal person's schedule though.


Welcome back, Lauren! I really missed you, and to have you share your ideas in these troubling times really makes me happy.
I am scared to death of Sarah Palin and all that she stands for. I want change, but she is TROUBLE! Notice how it is all about her now - McCain is the one running for President! I guess all Republicans count on her taking charge of the presidency. (Please, God, don't let him win.)
Good luck with your new job and growing sons and grandson...


Hi Lauren, I was just reading you over on OS and clicked on your link because I love farming, and claim to be a farmer much the same as I claim to be a writer...with a bit of positive thinking. I love your animals, and your typepad site is awesome. I have one too, and before OS it was my only site, but it is way not as fancy as yours. How do you do it? Hang in there with the farming, working and child rearing and new tradition of 'super-woman.'

I just joined Practical Farmers of Iowa which supports small, primarily diverse, mostly organic, ecologically and conservation minded family farmers. It helps us learn how to make the farm work economically, among other things. I want to take the 12-weekend class which I hear is excellent. Here is a link:, and also a link to my typepad account. I am enjoying your writing very much. Keep up the good work!!! Carol

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